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Five Valleys Livestock Horse Sales
Monthly Horse Sales start in April

2nd Saturday of the month
(No Sale in August)

 Our last horse sale of the year was Saturday, October 14th -
Five Valleys would like to thank all the folks who support
our horse sales.  We couldn't do it without you! 
Hope to see you in the spring!  Good winter to you all. 

For more information call Steve Edwards (406) 546-6870\

Please feel free to ask any questions before the sale. Our goal is satisfied customers.
Give Steve 546-6870 or Justin 880-4094 or the office 728-3052 a call.

  Conditions of Sale:

  • Open Consignment - All Classes - Ride/Lead/Loose and Tack Auction
    April 8, June 10, July 8, September 9 (there will also be a cataloged portion on the 9th), October 14, 
    Tack @ 11 AM Horses @ 1 PM Ride/Lead followed by Loose Horses
    Horse commission 10% with $30 minimum Tack commission 25% under $100 15% over
    Consignor checks issued same day of sale.- No online bidding or viewing but that has changed before so you could call to verify. 

  • Registration Papers -  All sales - Turn in at time of check-in - this way the buyer is assured the papers are in hand.
    Papers should be in your name with a signed transfer. Any deviation from "papers in order" will be announced.
    Example: Papers in previous owners name with an "open transfer", papers with no signed transfer, papers with a double transfer, etc.

  • Cataloged Sales - Spring Spectacular Select (May 13th) and Fall Spectacular Select (Sept 9th).
    Entry fee $50 Commission 8% No sale fee $100 No show fee $500 (except with vet statement))
    Coggins not required - should horse go out of state the coggins cost will be charged to the consignor.. 
    Consignor checks issued 48 hours after the sale. Questions - please call Steve @ 406 546-6870. 
    These two sales will have online bidding and viewing on and be advertised on our website and facebook.
    May13th sale will have no open tack or loose horses.
    Fall sale will have tack and loose horses with only the cataloged horses & day of ride & lead horses available to bid/view online.



















                                                                               Selling Oct 14th 


  Picasso is a 12 year old gelding.       

  Safe to ride and pack. 





  Bentley is a 15 year old geldiing.

  Anyone can ride. 




  Bob is a 14 yrear old stout gelding.

  Good for all levels of riders.




Ginny is the horse you absolutely want to have as your partner no matter what the discipline is. This horse has seen and done it all in her 13 years. She is a beautiful sorrel mare with high socks. She stands 14.2 and is built to last.



Kevin 13 yr old 14.1 hand super gentle gelding. Ridden by young and inexperienced riders.


Olaf smooth mouthed super gentle trail horse.


    Indian Jessey Pitts
    AQHA Registered  Brown Mare
    16 hands  Born:  April 24, 2020
    Has had 30 plus days on her. 
    Papers go back to Streak of Fling,
    Frenchin Ta Fame on top and 
    First Moon Flash, Jesse James Jr
    on bottom.  




   Alegre -  click on papers for
                  larger view



      Marlin  -  click on papers for 
                      larger view



   Soraya - click on papers for 
                  larger view


  Diesel   2014 model
  15.3 hands  Dun Geldiing
  BIG boned.  Needs experienced 
  rider.  Worked on a ranch. Likes to
  work cattle, can also go in the 
  Dont' pass this big guy up.  
  Loads, clisp, ties, shoes, Ropes well.


  Paint Mustang Gelding  9 yrs 
  Buddy is friendly and loves people-
  never gets excited.  He greets you
  at the gate,.  Beautiful trail horse with
  pack potential- no spook.  Saddles,
  stands, loads easy.  


  Blue Roan Grade QH Mare  19yr
  Good riding horse. Also has worked
  with cattle.  Gets out and goes. 
  Loads easy.  For intermediate to
  experienced rider.  




Pumpkin is an 11 yr old finished ranch and trail horse. Good for all levels of riders.































The entry form is for cataloged sales only - Not for open consignment auctions. 

                                                                                               Saturday, September 9th -  Early Consignments

  Will sell by numerical Lot order .... Lot 1,2,3,4....


                                        Otis   Lot 1 
       Buckskin Gelding Grade Quarter Horse  14 yr  15.2 hh

 Otis is gentle.  He stands tied, saddles easily. 
 Ranch gelding, has been used in west Texas on a
 large cattle ranch.  For more information call (406) 

                                        Sheri   Lot 2
         Bay Grade Quarter Horse Mare  12 yr  15.3 hh

 Sheri is solid all the the way around, Big and stout mare. She is safe, sane and very willing to put in the work for whatever task is asked of her. She is very pretty with big bone and hoofs. If you are looking for your next family horse or one to go on with in any direction for yourself I know that Sheri will please. Call 208-550-1571.
                                             Teton   Lot 4
           Bay Grade Quarter Horse Gelding   7 yr  16 hh

 Teton is a big made 16 hand 1300lb 7 year old bay gelding. He is   gentle,   easy to catch, loads and trailers well, is good with other   horses, and good   with time off. Teton has done all jobs on the   ranch, gathering, doctoring in   the feedlot, and branding. He rides   well outside, crosses water, rides off   alone, and saddles up gentle   everyday. Teton is good for all levels of rider,   has a good stop,   neck  reins and goes wherever you point him. FMI call   Matt 208-550-1571
                                          Captain   Lot 6
          Red Roan Grade Quarter Horse Gelding  8 yr  16 hh 

Captain has been used for all aspects of ranch work. He is a really fancy looking solid roan gelding with lots of chrome, that is as friendly as they get. He has a really nice handle on him and can really ride around. He will pick up both leads with no help, he will slide stop and neck rein around. Captain is a great horse for the whole family. He is good minded and is not lazy. He is one you can let sit for months and have no problems when you need him. He is a super friendly good mannered gelding. FMI Call Matt 208-550-1571
                                           Kip  Lot 8
      Chestnut Grade Quarter Horse Gelding  9 yr  15.2 hh

Kip is a trail horse deluxe! Ranch, trails, or queen horse. This boy will do anything asked with a willing disposition! He’s a great horse. Extremely friendly horse that loves attention, he wants to be around you. Absolutely zero buck, he is safe and dependable. From Grandpa to the grandkids everyone loves Kip. A big pretty boy that everyone in the family can ride! Give us a call 208-550-1571
                                            Dora   Lot 10
             Bay Grade Quarter Horse Mare  14 yr  14.1 hh

Dora is the horse you absolutely want to have as your partner no matter what the discipline is. This horse has seen and done it all in her 14 years. She is a beautiful bay mare with hard black feet. She stands 14.1 and is built to last. You can pasture rope, drag calves to the fire, sort and gather, and she will be honest for every second of it. If ranching isn’t your thing-no problem. She is an awesome a trail horse, great to ride in the arena as well. We’ve used her on our big hunting trips, she is excellent on the trail and keeps you comfortable. I don’t have enough good things to say about Dora. It’s not that she CAN go any direction, but that she HAS gone every direction. You will completely fall in love with her puppy dog personality and excellent handle. For more info call Matt at 208-550-1571

                                         Zeus   Lot 13
        Sorrel Grade Quarter Horse Gelding  13 yr  14.3 hh

 Zeus is a seasoned gelding that has had a job and is safe for all levels of   riders. He has a nice neck rein and has smooth gaits. Zeus has been   around cattle, goats, kids, dogs and all sorts of equipment. Zeus is easy to   catch, good to shoe, bathe, and clip. FMI call 208-550-1571

                                         Cooper   Lot 18
          Bay Grade Quarter Horse Gelding  5 yr  15.1 hh

Cooper is a trail horse Deluxe!!! Cooper is 15.1 hands tall with a heavy build. Even with endless time off, Cooper will saddle up quiet and ride off gentle. He has been used on the ranch and knows how to work a rope. He has been exposed to lots of country and lots of kids, dogs, and chaos at the Cobb ranch. He is an easy to catch gelding that enjoys attention. Cooper is a good looking horse with lots of main and tail to get you noticed. Cooper is built to last and has a calm demeanor. At five years old he has his whole life ahead of him. Please call 208-550-1571 with questions.
                                          Goldie   Lot 20
          Palomino Grade Quarter Horse Gelding  9 yr  15 hh

 Goldie is a Big stout Palomino gelding. He’s finished in the trail and mountains, rides where you ask him, crosses water, logs, he’ll take ya into the deep dark canyons or up the mountain. Led out pack strings, guided rides and will ride in front or in line with no issues. He’s solid in the arena and can lope around, stop and handles good. He’s got good feet and a lot of bone. One flashy good looking gelding! He’s easy to shoe, load, haul, catch in the pasture, washes good and stands tied with no issues. He’s got his whole life still in front of him! Please call 208-550-157
             PULLED       Dexter   Lot 3
           Black/White Paint Draft Cross Gelding  16 yr 15.2 hh

“Dexter” is a one in a million gelding! Big, pretty, safe and sound. Exceptional trail/mountain horse. Has packed elk out of the steep country and lead a oack string. Smooth and gentle enough for anyone on the ground or in the saddle. UTD on Teeth, feet, worming & vaccines.Call or text Steve for more info (208) 739-3404.

                                      Rain N June   Lot 7
            Palomino Registered AQHA Mare  3 yr  15 hh      

        SIRE: Fling to Fame     DAM: Lenas Reflector “Doxie”

 She has had 30 days of riding but is cinching and has not been handled for  4 weeks at this time.  She has been pretty much turned out for a year. She will make a good broodmare.  For more info call 406 370-8839.




        Gypsy                 Blue Roan Grade QH Mare     19 yr



         Buddy                Paint Mustang Gelding    9 yr   



                                         Copper   Lot 14
                  Solid Red Molly Mule     12 yr   15 hh  1000#

 Copper is really nice to handle and be around.  Packs and rides.  Good to catch and good to tack up.  Good with ears and feet.   Lots of trail experience, both packing and riding.  For more informatiion call 208 739-2268.


                                        Barney   Lot 15
           Bay Grade QH Cross Gelding  12 yr  15 hh

We've used him on the ranch to gather, sort, and move cattle. Ride him with the bunch or on his own Been to the mountains on pack trips riding 20+ miles a day with no quit. Walks out, good to shoe, loads right up.  For more information (406) 544-0963.



                                        Sally Cat   Lot 5
           Chestnut Registered AQHA Filly   1 yr   14 hh

Beautiful chestnut filly who is a granddaughter of the great METALLIC CAT, the son of the All-Time Leading Quarter Sire, HIGH BROW CAT. Here is a young, fancy filly you can take any direction.  For more information  (707) 227-0803.


                                Miss Good Time   Lot 11
      Red Roan Registered AQHA Filly   1 yr   14 hh

Here is a fancy, fancy granddaughter of the famous ONE TIME PEPTO. As time goes by there will be fewer and fewer One Time Pepto's available. He died in 2021. His LTE $331,097. Her dam's grandsire on the top is DOC O'LENA. This beautiful filly is full of energy and wants to be good. She is friendly and easy to catch. Have a look and don't miss out.  For more information (707) 227-0803


                           Charmers Sport Model   Lot 17
        Sorrel Registered AQHA  Stallion   9 yr  14.3 hh

SPORT is a good-minded stallion with great confirmation and very level-headed. He is a DASH TA FAME grandson on the top and has crossed beautifully with our cow horse mares producing gorgeous babies with correct confirmation, dark eyes and elegant heads. We have owned him for 2 breeding seasons using him in the pasture and hand breeding him. His left front knee is stiff and enlarged from an old injury. He was that way when we bought him. Gets around fine.  For more information (707) 227-0803


                                Dagger   Lot 16
              Grullo Grade QH Gelding   11 yr  15.2 hh

 Will tolerate anything thrown his way. Kids atv tractor etc shoes   and trimming done on 9-7-23. Easiest horse to catch. UTD on all   vaccines.  For more information call (406) 240-9383.



                   MG Quincy Joe Quick (Valor)   Lot 19
       Grullo AQHA (papers pending) Gelding  12 yr  16 hh

 Has been used for flags by royalty queen. Packed and trails. Easy keep with others including cows. UTD on all vaccines. Papers coming from AQHA registered name MG Quincy Joe   For more information call (406) 240-9383.


                                  Chili   Lot 21
            Sorrel Grade QH Geldiing    13 yr  15.1 hh

 Chili is a good looking sorrel gelding that stands 15.1 hands tall. He is well broke and has extensive cutting and cow horse training. He is an excellent team penning horse and will cut a cow. Chili has a slow hobby horse lope that is very comfortable. He is extra fancy broke to ride and wants to please. He’s great ranch horse and has drug lots of calves to the fire and has roped and doctored lots outside. Crosses water and deadfall and great to get gates on. The last two years he’s been used on a guest ranch. He’s always gentle with no hump or buck even with time off. He’s got some old wire scares which don’t affect his soundness. Chili has always been sound for us, however if you flex test him he does show being a little sore in a hind right. If you’re looking for a fancy broke gelding to enjoy for many years to come give us a call and check out Chili. 406-552-9991



                                   Lady   Lot 22
            Brown Grade Qh Mare    7 yr   14 hh

 Lady is a 7 year old open Quarter Horse grade broodmare. She is broke to lead and is a good mother. We do not know if she is broke or not, we havent owned her that long. She has an old injury to her right hind hoof, but it doesnt bother her. She is sound. 

 Bebee is a 4 year old  grade chestnut mare. She is super gentle with a great start. Bebee has been used for the last year around the ranch gathering cattle in big country. She crosses water, logs, loads and shoes with ease. Finish her your way. No buck or funny business, our 11 year old daughter has ridden her bareback in a snaffle. Bebee is a sweet little mare with a gentle disposition, ready to be finished anyway you choose. 



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