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                   Five Valleys Livestock Horse Sales  
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Five Valleys Livestock Auction -  Montana All-Star Horse Sales
 say a big Thank You to all who attended and consigned and
        bid and bought at our Saturday, May 14 Cataloged       
                               What a success!       
                  High selling gelding was $ 21,000
                    High selling mare was $ 28,500                                                             
                          Sale average  $ 5,050 

Next horse sale will be open consignment - not cataloged - June 11th
Tack @ 11 AM  Horses @ 1 PM

Next cataloged sale will be July 9th. 

All horse sales are the 2nd Saturday of the month. 
Call Steve Edwards 546-6870 for information.  




  Lot 5
  Duke is a 5 year old  Belgian Quarter Horse
  Cross  red roan gelding who is broke to ride
  and drive.  This winter Duke was part of a
  two-gelding hitch that pulled a stone boat. 
  Duke has the demeanor  to make an outstanding
  and reliable trail horse.


  Lot 13
  Ollie is a Percheron Throughbred and Quarter
  Horse Cross .  Ollie has taken on the role of 
  a ranch horse.  He spent last spring and summer
  working in a feedlot and treatinig cattle on open
  pasture.  This gelding has a smooth gait and is 
  a real pleasure to ride. 

  Lot 14
  Roanie is a 13 year old  bay roan, registered AQHA
  gelding.  This horse was Mike Phelan's personal
  solid ranch horse.  15.1 hh with a great place for a
  saddle for riding all day.  With his Peppy San Badger
  breeding he will watch and track a cow.  Smooth to
  ride and will move off your leg and neck rein.
  Honest and solid ranch horse. 
  Call Donna with any questions. 

   Lot 18

   11 Year old Blue Roan Grade Gelding 
   16.2 Hand Ranch Horse 


   Lot 19
   Hickorys Bunny
   22 Year old Daughter of Docs Hickory 
   2K in NCHA earnings



   Lot 21
   RJM Ms Tuff Gun
   May 2021  Gray Mare



   Lot 25
   Smokn Fancy Gun
   2 Year old Red Roan Gelding 


   Lot 27

   RJM Select My Reynn
   3 Year old  Chestnut
   Metallic Reynn out of GFR Selecter Anyway

  Lot 28
  Watch My Firewater
  2 Year old gelding - Frog Hollow Fire Colt.  
  He has Freckles Playboy and Peppy San Badger
  breeding.  Will be lead through.

  Lot 22
  6 Year old Americat Sweetheart "Princess"
  Own Daughter of Metallic Cat out of Meradas
  Sly Cat.  Rides really well, trained on the flag
  Patterned and been on barrels.  Would make 
  a great cutter, team penner/sorter,  breakaway, 
  heel horse. Heavy enough built to head on her. 

  Lot 3
  Honey Moon is a yearling buckskin gelding.
  Good looking power house.
  He could make a nice rope horse.  He is 
  sensitive and in time could be very quick in
  whatever discipline trained in.  
  Working on leading and trailer loading.

  Lot 4
  Jackson is a brown 2 year old gelding.  His mare has
  multiple barrel horses.  Nice project for someone.
  He leads and trailer loads. 

  Lot 6
  Perrie is a sorrel two year old filly by Worldsfastest
  Indian.  She has world class top and bottom.  
  Both of her families have proven race and barrel
  horses. Broke to lead and trailer load.

  Lot 7
  Rope is a bay roan yearling gelding. 
  This flashy guy has a lot of potential depending on 
  your desires.  Working on leading and trailer loading.

  Lot 9
  Smokey is a buckskin yearling gelding.  
  This yearling is a pick for barrel racers.
  He has the talent and the mind to excel.
  Working on leading and trailer loading.


  Lot 10
  Taboo is a bay four year old filly. Selling open.
  Well bred and has a strong family of speed on top
  and bottom.  She is maturing well and good looking.
  She is broke to lead and trailer loads. 

   Lot 11
  SR Sugar Holly 9 year old bay roan mare with her
  2022 Brown Colt by Fling to Fame
  Lot 16
  Whinny is a brown yearling filly.
  Good looking and could make a good project for a
  youth as she has the personality.  Shows a lot of 
  talent along with her good mind.
  Working on leading and trailer loading.


    Lot 17
    Gold A Mae Pitts
    Palomino Mare with her new 2022 foal!
    2014 Palomino mare out of Rez A Mae Pitts
             and by Bank Robbers Gold
    2022 Sorrel colt by Worldsfastest Indian



    Lot 2

    22 Year old gelding - finished calf horse. 



   Lot 8
   Rocky is a 4 year old . 
   Has been to the mountains packing and is
   currently being calved on.




  Lot 30
  Daisy is a 12 year old mare.  
  She has done all phases of ranch work and
  is lightly patterned on barrels.

    Lot 1 
  Smokey Bank Pitts 2015 AQHA Gelding
  Has done all phases of ranch work.
  Doctoring, gathering, branding, etc. 

   Lot 20
   Matched team of driving geldings.
   16 Years old       




  Lot 46
  Cricket is a really nice, gentle 12 year old grade mare.
  She is well broke and good for anyone to ride.  Rides
  quiet and neck reins easily.  Responsive with little
  pressure - does what you ask.  Rides out in the hills,
  down the trails and is very easy going.  Cricket is a
  flashy palomino paint. She is sound, loads, clips, 
  bathes, stands tied without fuss and saddles up
  every time.
  Call for more information. 
  Lot 36
  Chester is a 17 year old, ranch used, grade QH
  gelding. He has been there, done that and can
  still do a days work on the ranch when needed. 
  Chester is ready to be a kids horse and good for
  anyone in the family to ride.  Travels out nicely
  down the trails and goes where asked. 
  Very kind and gentle.  Sound.  
  Call for more information. 

  Lot 41
  Stormy is a cute, 10 year old, grade paint mare.  
  She is broke to ride and has mostly been trail ridden.
  She is gentle and nice to handle and be around. Sound.
  Call for more information.  

  Lot 29
  Superman is a finished ranch horse.  He can do it all
  and do it well. Good in the arena and on trails.  An 
  awesome cow horse - great at sorting, branding, doc-
  toring. Has headed steers out of the box as well.
  Super easy to catch, excellent ground manners and
  stays broke.  Safe enough to throw the kids on and
  handy to get any job done.  Sound and healthy.
  Lot 38
  Dolly is a four year old bay mare.  She has
  been started correctly and has never offered
  to buck.  She has been on several trail rides
  and nothing seems to bother her.  She is built
  correctly and will make someone a great horse
  for a long time.  She sells sound and healthy. 
  Lot 31
  Apple Jack is a registered 9 year old, beautiful, dapple 
  palomino gelding.  Easy to catch, shoe, load and will 
  stand quiet all day.  Used on the ranch for all jobs.  
  Great down the trail, crosses water, logs, obstacles.
  and is used to dogs and kids running around.  
  Sound and healthy. 

  Lot 33
  Ringo is a 7 year old, 15.1 hands tall, beautiful
  Dun John mule.  He is a good pack mule that 
  would make a very flashy riding mule.  He has
  good bone and feet and is stout built.  
  Sound and healthy. 

  Lot 43
  Roxy is a 15 hand tall, 8 year old, stunning 
  black mare.  She has a really nice handle, with
  a good one handed neck rein.  She has done all
  jobs on the ranch and  has been on numerous
  hunting and camping trips. 
  Sound and healthy. 
  Lot 48
  Comet is a super cute 5 year old bay pony gelding.
  He is broke to ride and drive.  He is a really fun
  pony to pull a cart.  Has been used in play days
  and ridden by kids in the arena and down the road. 
  A really classy looking little guy.  
  Sound and healthy.
  Lot 50
  Jackson is a 9 yr old 14.3 hand Red Dun John
  mule.  He is gentle and an easy ride down the
  road.  Goes where you point him and crosses
  all obstacles.  Jackson is easy to catch, good
  about ears and feet.  Has been packed a lot
  and hauled plenty of dead game.  Jackson is a
  mule for the whole family.  Sound and healthy.
  Lot 52
  Kevin is SAFE!! He is a 13 year old been there 
  done that ranch and trail gelding.  He is broke 
  and will stay that way.  No matter your experience
  you should be able to get along with Kevin.  He 
  is extremely easy to catch and be around.
  Sound and healthy. 
  Lot 37
  Bunny is a chromed out, pretty black, 2016 draft
  type pony mare.  Stands 14.1 hh  Bunny has been
  used this Fall/Spring on the ranch and knows most
  phases of ranch work.  Transitions through all gaits
  beautifully.  She has been ridden in the mountains,
  swam in rivers, is lightly patterned in barrels and
  poles. Has been ridden by kids frequently. 
  Personable, easy to be around, greets you at the
  gate.  Loads, hauls, ties, bathes, etc.  Cannot say 
  enough good about her!  The hard work has been
   put in. Take her home and enjoy her! 
  Call for more info. 
  Lot 39
  Trip is a handsome 7 year old AQHA Appendix
  grey gelding. 16 H  1250#  He is the perfect gentle-
  man on the ground or in the saddle.  Trip has been
  exposed to the outdoors, dogs, cows, kids, jackpots
  and rodeos and has handled all with ease.  Used on
  the ranch to sort and gather.  Gets along will with 
  other horses. Lightly started on barrels. Ties, loads,
  good to shoe. Ready to finish your way.
  Lot 40
  John is a 17 year old, 16.2 h trail mule.  
  He has spent his whole life in the back 
  country and has covered a few thousand 
  miles of trail.  Easy going, loads, clips and 
  is good with his ears.  Does best with another
  horse or mule but will ride out on his own.
  Packs anything you load on him. 
  Lot 51

  "JJ" is a 15 year old Paint gelding. 
  He is a great saddle horse.  Used in an
  outfitting business. 

  Lot 54

  Delly is a 16 year old AQHA gelding
  saddle horse. He is a very friendly and
  good horse.  Comes from an outfitting

  Lot 56

  Slash is a 16 year old Paint gelding saddle
  horse. Very friendly.  He is coming from an
  outfitting business. 
  Lot 61

  Obie is a 1/2 draft gelding.  A great saddle horse
  with a great personality.  He is coming from an

  Lot 59
  Moxy is a 2012 sorrel grade mare.  She has a big
  motor, will outwalk horses, and has a smooth lope.
  Used as a ranch horse sorting pairs, working in 
  corrals, doctoring and trail rides.  Hard feet so no
  shoes needed and stands well for trims.  No buck
  or bad habits 

     Lot 62
  Roxy is a 2018 bay grade mare with lots of 
  potential.  Kind and easy, started well and 
  has about 100 rides under saddle.  Very 
  hard feet - no shoes needed- good for farrier
  to trim.  Great for someone to work with her 
  as she develops. 
  Lot 65
  Sparky is a 2009 red roan gelding 14.1 hands.
  Gentle, nice to handle. Great horse to be around.
  Meets you at the gate, good around other horses.
  Good for a young rider that needs a reliable horse.
  Used for basic ranch work. Will need maintenance.

 Lot 42
 12 year old gelding around 16 hands tall. 
  He has been in the Bob Marshall packing.
  Is a good arena horse, been roped on, 
  worked cattle and is patterned on barrels.

  For more information give me a call. 

  Lot 44
  Billy is a very friendly colt with personality.
  He is well built with clean legs and good 
  feet. Currently 15 hands - should mature to 
  15.2.  Mr. Bill ties well, lunges, great ground 
  manners. Has been out on the trail, will walk
  trot, and canter under saddle.  Side passes 
  and bends nicely.  NIce young colt with a 
  good foundation.  A go to horse for any job.
  Could also be a show horse.  Hauls great. 
 Lot 47

  A big, gentle smooth travelling gelding.
  Wears a 2 shoe.  16.1 hands  6 yr old
  Lot 53
  Smooth is an 8 yr old quarter pony.  He has a
  nice neck rein and good stop.  Used at the 
  stockyards and on ranch this winter to push cows.
  Good minded and stout.  Stands 14.2 and not too
  much bothers him.  Will go about any direction - 
  a jam up breakaway or gymkanna or trail or ranch
  horse. With some time and training to be a kids 
  Lot 60
  10 year old gentle, gray gelding used on a
  cattle ranch and in the mountains.  This 
  gelding is completely sound with a loving 
  personality.  Don't miss out on this honest 
  horse!   Any questions please call. 

  Lot 24
  Sixes Sun Frost "Ace" is a 2007 sorrel stallion,
  sired by Sixes Pick, the first supreme world
  champion ranch horse that stands on the 6666
  Ranch and is out of an own daughter of Sun
  Frost.  Rode as a 2 and 3 yr old but has only
  been used as a stud. Since he is still sound in
  every way, we have saved almost every filly
  and two stud prospects out of him for our
  program, it's time for him to help somebody
  else's program.

  Lot 26
  Gunny has been the best investment to our
  program we have ever made.  She is an own
  daughter of Playgun and out of an own daughter
  of Miss N Cash.  We have saved every filly 
  she has ever had and currently stand a son of
  hers.  She is an older mare but has produced a
  colt every year for us.  She was left open last
  year due to a later colt.  Will sell pasture ex-
  posed 15 days to Sixes Sun Frost. 
  Lot 58
  Percy is a 12 year old ranch gelding who has 
  been used extensively in all aspects of ranching.
  There is not much he hasn't seen.  Percy is 
  gentle, quiet, good to shoe, rope and doctored on
  outside.  Has drug thousands of calves to the 
  fire by both the experienced and inexperienced.
  Has been rode in the wilderness.  Great on trails. 
  Lot 55
  15 year old half Arabian quarter horse gelding. 
  He has logged thousands of miles on the 
  trails and in the wilderness.  He has been 
  used on the ranch as well - sorting, gathering, 
  shipping cattle.  He is gentle with lots of 

  Lot 63

  John is a 14 yr old Belgian Draft horse. 
  He is gentle, rides, drives, single, double
  lead horse 4-up.   Call with any questions. 

  Lot 32
  Smart Gunsmoke Rey is a fancy bred AQHA
  yearling filly with a lot of personality.  Her
  deceased sire, Smokes Blazeing Guns, was a
  NCHA money earner of $26,000.  Her dam,
  Miracle Rey of Faith, by Miracle Rey by Dual Rey,
  is currently being shown in sorting, penning and
  ranch horse competitions winning money in all. 
  This filly was turned out all winter with 3 other
  colts and has always been the first to meet you
  at the gate.  She has not been spoiled and was
  just brought in for a hoof trim and worming.  
  Start working with her and she will blossom.
  Very athletic and catty. 
  Lot 66
  Claude is a big boned, good footed gelding.
  He stands 15 hands and weighs 1200 pounds.
  Straight off of a small family ranch, he was used
  for all aspects of ranch work as well as in the 
  mountains.  He is sensible and willing over creeks
  deadfall, bridges and other livestock and proven 
  reliable for all levels of riders. 14 years old. 
  Lot 64
  Ernie is a 6 year old, 15.2 hand grade QH
  gelding.  He was owned by a family and has 
  been ridden a lot (and on overnight rides).  
  He's had a rope thrown off him and has been 
  used to move cows.  Ernie if very laid back 
  and easy to get along with.  
   Lot 67
  "Lucky" is a 12 year old Dunalino mare.
   Used as kids horse and trails. 











Open Consignment vs Cataloged 

Please feel free to ask any questions before the sale. Our goal is satisfied customers.  We do not want misunderstandings.  
Give Steve 546-6870 or Justin 880-4094 a call. 

  • Open Consignment - Horses (All Classes - Ride/Lead/Loose) and Tack Auction   -  Not cataloged or online
    Tack @ 11 AM  Horses @ 1 PM  Ride/Lead followed by Loose Horses 
    Horse commission 10% with $30 minimum  Tack commission 25% under $100 15% over
    Consignor checks issued same day of sale.
  • Cataloged Sales - Montana All Star Horse Sales -  Pre-consigned horses only.  No open consignments.  No tack. 
    Entry fee $50  Commission 8%  No sale fee $100  No show fee $500 (with exceptions) 
    Consignor checks issued 48 hours after the sale. 
  • Registration Papers - Turn in at time of check-in - this way the buyer is assured the papers are in hand.  Papers should be in your name with a signed transfer. Any deviation from "papers in order" will be announced.  Example:  Papers in previous owners name with an "open transfer", papers with no signed transfer, papers with a double transfer, etc. 
  • Open Consignment - The "Horse EID" (Equine Identification Document) needs to be filled out for each horse consigned.  Print and fill out following the instructions below OR the forms are available at FVLA and you can complete at check in.  
    EID - Use blue pen to fill out the EID.  Complete ONLY the Owner's Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Physical Locatioin, Primary Use, Sex and Age. Leave blank the "List visible acqured marks" - if there are brands, scars, etc FVLA will complete that portion. Fill in 1 - 3 and sign.  Please note that if you have given your horse a vaccine - the drug name, last date of use, dosage and withdrawal date needs to be listed on the back of the paper.  Likewise, note if the horse has been diagnosed with an illness!  Do not fill out more!!! Remember to use a blue pen!
  • Open consignment - if your  horse does not sell for enough money to cover the selling expenses (brand inspection, commission, feed) we will be billing you (and expecting payment) for the balance due. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call.  Thank you!


2022 Horse Sale Schedule

Apr    9   Open Consignment  
May 14   Spring Spectacular Select Sale - Cataloged Horses only - no tack
Jun  11   Open Consignment
July   9   Catalog Sale
Aug 13   Open Consignment
Sep 10   Fall Spectacular Select Sale 
Oct    8   Open Consignment
Nov 12   Catalog Sale



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