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Five Valleys Livestock Horse Sales  
2nd Saturday of the Month 

First Horse Sale of 2022  - Saturday, MARCH 12th 

Remember the option to consign your horses to the online cataloged portion of the horse sale.
Accepting entries starting February 1.
Contact Justin 406 880-4094 or Steve Edwards 406 546-6870 for information 

Montana All Star Horses (Cataloged) -   Advertise, view horses and bid online! 

Cataloged horses will be on

In conjunction with the online cataloged portion there will still be "day of" (not online) ride, lead, loose horses and tack. 

As always - questions and comments are welcomed.  

We thank you!
Montana All Star Horses (Cataloged)









Consignors & Buyers -   

Please feel free to ask any questions before the sale. Our goal is satisfied customers.  We do not want misunderstandings.  
Give Justin or Steve a call. 

  • Tack at 11:00 AM - 
    1 PM  Cataloged Horses - these will be online
    Following Cataloged (not online) will be Ride/Lead Horses  and then Loose Horses last
  • The "Horse EID" (Equine Identification Document) needs to be filled out for each horse consigned.  Print and fill out following the instructions below OR the forms are available at FVLA and you can complete at check in.  
  • EID - Use blue pen to fill out the EID.  Complete ONLY the Owner's Name, Address, Phone Number, Primary Location, Primary Use, Sex and Age. Leave blank the "List visible acqured marks" - if there are brands, scars, etc FVLA will complete that portion. Fill in 1 - 4 and sign.  Please note that if you have given your horse a vaccine - the drug name, last date of use, dosage and withdrawal date needs to be listed on the back of the paper.  Likewise, note if the horse has been diagnosed with an illness!  Do not fill out more!!! Remember to use a blue pen!
  • Registration Papers - Turn in at time of check-in - this way the buyer is assured the papers are in hand.  Papers should be in your name with a signed transfer. Any deviation from "papers in order" will be announced.  Example:  Papers in previous owners name with an "open transfer", papers with no signed transfer, papers with a double transfer, etc.  

Also, if your horse does not sell for enough money to cover the selling expenses (brand inspection, commission, feed) we will be billing you (and expecting payment) for the balance due. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call at 728-3052. Thank you!


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