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  Fall Spectacular Select Horse Sale   
  Saturday, September 11, 2021   1 PM


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   Horses are not shown in selling order  Horses will sell in numerical LOT #
Click on the papers for a larger view. 
 Lot 1   Aces Dash of Gin "Vanilla"
            2010 AQHA Palomino Gelding

  "Vanilla" has been used in all aspects of
  ranching from calving, branding, sorting pairs,
  doctoring outside, and gathering in the hills.
  My girls have patterned on the barrels. We
  have team roped both ends on him.  In the
  arena he has been used to carry flags,
  pick up bucking horses and drug bulls at
  big PBR events. Don't let this one get away!   
  Everyone in the family rides him.
  For more information call 531-4641. 



Lot 2    Justin Perkins   
            Fritz Carmel Lady
            2002 AQHA Buckskin Mare

  Open broodmare.  We are keeping this years 
   filly by Metallic Cattack as a replacement.
  7 panel clean. Color tested EeAaCe / N Nd1/
  Nd2  More informatioin call 303-1345


Lot 3   "Sam"
            2007 Grade Sorrel Gelding

  Sam has been a ranch horse his whole life.
  Used in the mountains for hunting and even
  used in a few team sortings.  He is good to
  rope on and doctor outside. 
 More information call 531-4641



Lot 9    Donnie Benson
             Starberts Dean Skip
             2014 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
  "JD" has experience in the branding pen drag-
  ging calves to the norfolk.  Used to gather, sort,  
  & used on the trails. Crosses down timber, water,
  & bridges.  JD has been rode in the deserts of
  Arizona and the mountains of Montana! 
  He is very sure footed.  He lopes both directions,
  stops, backs, spins and is making an all around
  gelding.  He is started on the heel side. 
  For more information 406.396.3570



Lot 5    "Jake"
              2014 Grade Dun Gelding

  Jake is Amish broke.  Used on the ranch
  and in hunting camp.  Ready for a full-time
  job.  Very friendly horse. 
  More information  531-4641


Lot 6      David Raucher
               2011 Bay/White Paint Gelding 

  D.W. is a big, good looking gelding that most
  anybody can ride.  Will ride for a smaller person
  or carry a big man.  He has had lots of riding in
  the mountains, both on hunting trips and trail
  riding.  He has a nice neck rein and can turn
  around on his haunches.  He is good to catch,
  shoe and load. 
  For more information call 406.594.4600

Lot 7    David Raucher         
            2017 Paint John Mule  13 hh

  Mancha is about as gentle and friendly as a
  Cocker Spaniel pup.  You don't have to find him
  in the pasture, he will find you, and if you ever
  give him a  treat, he will be yours for life. 
  He has had a little experience packing.     406.594.4600

Lot 23       Jace
                 2012 Bay Draft Cross Gelding 15.3 hh

  Jace is a big, rugged horse with a laid back
  attitude, good foot and bone and a great way
  of going.  He's been used exclusively in the 
  mountains and has been packed as much as
  ridden.  A nice, big, useful horse that is gentle
  to be around
  For more information call 406.594.4600

Lot 4      Pitts Quarter Horses
                 Named by buyer     
                 April 4, 2021  Palomino Colt
  This Palomino colt shows strong breeding. 
  On top the pedigree goes back to Moon Fling (SI 
  102, winner of 18 races and dam of A Streak of
  Fling), plus Frenchmans Guy and Dash to Fame.
  On the bottom of pedigree he has Dash for Perks
  and First Moon Flash.  370-8839 


Lot  8    Pitts Quarter Horses
             Named by buyer   
              April 18, 2021 Sorrel Filly

  This is a special filly.  Not only good looking,
  her  extended pedigree is world class.  First                  Moonflash (4 world records & SI 122), Holland
  Ease (sire of Corona Cartel), Jet Black Patriot
  (SI 110), Ivory James (National Leading Aire),
  Moon Fling (Dam of A strek of Fling, Beat the
  Gate Tony (Belmont Stake Winner, Dash for
  Perks (Producer of World Champion Barrel
  Horses).  This filly can go any discipline you
  want plus when done what a good broodmare
  prospect she will be.  370-8839




Lot 10   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021  Sorrel Colt  
  By PG Smoky Joe by Playgun and out of Rio Te
  Cash by Texas High Dasher and out of Dashing  

  This colt is the complete package and look at the
  chrome!  Playgun Grandson out of our proven 
  stallion PG Smoky Joe and out of an own
  daughter of Texas High Dasher by On A High. 
  This colt is a  barrel, breakaway, rope horse 
  prospect, he will have the agility of cutters    
  and the speed blended with it from his mother. 
  All of our PG Smoky Joe babies have great
  minds and have been great to handle and work
  with.  Don't miss out on this one!


Lot 13   Marsh Performance Horses 
              2021 Sorrel Colt

  2021 Sorrel colt by PG Smoky Joe and out of 
  Chuters Big Gamble.  Chuters Big Gamble is by
  1993 Reserve World Champion Slippin Solano 
  and out of Chuters Gambler.  This colt is a
  compact  well-made colt.  He will have the great 
  mind passed on by his sire and will be a calf
  horse, heel horse, breakaway prospect.
  And like all of PG Smoky Joes, take them 
  out working cattle or for a pleasure ride on
  the trails.       


Lot 16   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Sorrel Filly

  2021 Sorrel filly by GFR Double Dude and out of
  RJM Que TuMsPlayboy by Que Tu Playboy and 
  out of GFR Selecteranyway.
  GFR Double Dude is a sorrel stallion that came 
  from the Reeves program ini South Dakota.  This
  is his first crop of colts for us.  He was broke and
  used on the ranch, is very gentle and easy going.
  His babies are easy to look at and very balanced
  in confirmation. 
  This colts mother "Dolly" is a half sister to our red
  roan Macho that has been roped on, barrels, 
  ranched on, and will let anyone ride him.  She
  also has a half brother "Mo" that was purchased
  by Bo Carpenter's family and they Love him. 
  Lani has rode Dolly a lot and she has a big stop!


Lot 19   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Sorrel Colt

  2021 Sorrel colt by GFR BacaBeBar "Blue" our 
  proven rope horse stallion and out of Select Twin
  Cedar by Select Joe Baca.  We really like the cross
  of Blue on the Baca daughters and next year we
  will be giving  him more time with them.  
  This colt has using - rope horse wrote all over
  him.  We ride his mothers full brother Joe Dude
  out at the ranch.  This colt is going to be stout
  and have a great mind. 


Lot 22   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Bay Colt

  2021 Bay colt by Frog Hollow Fire by Firewater
  Flit.  We lost Frog last fall and this will be the only
  colt we offer for sale out of the 2021 crop.  His 
  mother is GFR Jingle Bell by GFR Lakota Sioux 
  and out of our good Reeves mare Shy Ann Bell
  Bar.  This guy is a top barrel prospect and with 
  the rope horse pedigree of Jingle Bell he should 
  handle any discipline.  Bell's half brothers Bud 
  and Smoky have been standouts in the arena 
  roping and winning at many jackpots in the past
  and our granddaughters are running barrels
  on them. 

Lot 26  Marsh Performance Horses   
             2021 Gray Filly

  2021 Gray filly by PG Smoky Joe and out of RJM
  Sissys Cedar Gun by Select Joe Baca and out of
  Sissys Quakin by Quakin Gun.  This is the first
  colt for this mare.  She isn't milking like an old 
  broodmare.  But this filly will grow up and fill out
  to be a nice fancy mare.  She has the foundation
  and the cutting - reining blend to make a great 

Lot 29   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Sorrel Colt

  2021 Sorrel colt by GFR Double Dude and out of
  Driftn Boon Flit by Corona Fire and own son of 
  Firewater Flit.  This is a big smooth flashy colt
  with lots of chrome.  We have saved a bay roan
  2 year old stallion out of this mare as a stallion
  prospect and he is fast.  She carries crosses to            Driftwood and Boon Bar on top and bottom. 
  These horses are some big time using horses
  in the Dakotas. I am excited to see how this
  colt turns out.  Should make a prospect that can
  go in any direction.  This colt has an umbilical
  hernia and Doc Angela Clark will evaluate and
  fix prior to the sale or after.  We will pay the vet


Lot 32   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Red Roan Colt

  2021 Red roan colt blaze and 4 white feet.  He is 
  going to be shiny!  He has a baby doll head put 
  together just the right way.  He is by GFR Double
  Dude and our RJM Leah DunIt by Select Joe Baca
  and GFR Shy FinallyDunit.  This colts mother like
  a number of our mares is broke to ride and we
  try to ride our mares to substantiate why we
  want them in broodmare band.  This colt will
  have a great mind.  Beautiful confirmation, color
  and size to do anything you want with him.  



Lot 35   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Sorrel Colt

  2021 Sorrel colt by GFR Double Dude and out of 
  Cedars Rising Star by Select Joe Baca and out of
  Chuters Rising Star.  This colts mom was broke to
  ride and was part of a red roan team of mares we
  had until we lost her partner, Leah.  Don't let this
  solid sorrel colt fool you, because he's not a palo-
  mino.  This guy will take you to the money circle 
  and to the top of the mountain.  You have a hard 
  time finding the bottom of our aged geldings. 
  When you do you are as tired as they are.  This
  colts mother was in reining training prior to
  putting her in the broodmare band. 

Lot 37   Marsh Performance Horses
              2021 Gray Colt
  2021 Gray colt by PG Smoky Joe and out of 
  Sissys Quakin by Quakin Gun.  It was a tough
  decision to put this colt in the sale.  Some say it's
  the golden cross.  Breeding a Playgun son to a 
  granddaughter is what we did.  This guy will make
  one whale of a prospect.  Adding a little Peppy 
  San Badger in on the deal and there is no end to
  what this colt will be able to do.  Raise him, show
  him and keep him for a stallion to raise colts. 
Lot 11   Amanda Hansen
             2012 AQHA Sorrel Mare

This 9 year old mare is started in barrels and all Omoksee events.  Easy to shoe and trim.  Started and trained by my 14 year old daughter.
For more information 406.239.7487
  Lot 12 Sheana Rombauer
            2020 AQHA Sorrel Mare

  This fancy bred yearling filly is a bit of history
  with Mr Gun Smoke on the top and Miss N Cash
  on the bottom.  Mr Gun Smoke is in the NRCHA 
  Hall of Fame, NRHA Hall of Fame and AQHA 
  Hall of Fame.  Miss N Cash LTE total $124,661.
  And this filly's own sire is a NCHA money earner.
  This girl has the bloodlines and potential to be 
  very athletic and electric.  She ties, stand for 
  farrier, is willing and sensitive.  She has chrome 
  all the way around.  Take a look! 
 For more info 707-227-0803

Lot 18  Sheana Rombauer
             Bella Rosie
             2010 AQHA Bay Mare

This stylish bay mare is bred in the purple and has confirmation and looks to prove it.  Trained as a cutter and works a flag and cow with flair.  "Brookes" rides inside and out.  Soft in the face and moves off your leg.  She is a strong mare and walks out.  Not a horse for a novice.  She has a lot of value as a broodmare.  Has a cut on back left pastern.  Healing well never was lame.  

 For more information call 

Lot 21   Colin Johnson

              2018 Grade Gray Gelding

Chief is a 3-year old with lots of potential.  He was broke as a 2-year old.  He currently has 30 days on him this year and being rode every day on the ranch. 
For more information 450-4529


Lot 25   Colin Johnson
              2018 Grade Gray Gelding

Ranger is a 3-year old.  Has had the first 60 days on him.  He has been on a pack trip in the back country and did great.  Currently being used on the ranch moving and gathering cattle.  
For more information 450-4529

  Lot 14  Ashley Peterson
             Deiters Magic Man
             2009 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding

  "Joe" is a good ranch horse. He will
  make a decent roping horse.  Little
  head shy.  
  Registration papers -transfer dated 2018
  For more information 802-4256

Lot 15    RaeDawn Robinson
              Cheddar Bob
              2009 Grade Gelding

  Cheddar Bob is absolutely 100 percent 
  gentle and quiet for any beginner rider or
  anyone wanting a quiet, safe gelding to have
  around their place.  This guy is the real deal.
  He stays in between the bridle reins like he
  is suppose to.  Goes anywhere and every-
  where he's asked.  Willing to please.
  For more information 316-670-6029. 


Lot 27  Ashley Peterson
             2005 Brown Grade Gelding

  Calm and quiet trail  horse.  Especially great for
  beginners and children.  Loads easy
  For more information 802-4256. 

Lot 17  Kristen Snavely
            Peppys Summer Olena
            2009 AQHA Chestnut Mare

  Summer is a well bred mare.  Started     on cutting.  Great in team penning.
  Great all around ranch horse. 
   For more information 802-4256

Lot 20   RaeDawn Robinson
             2010 Grade Gelding

Harley is an 11 year old gelding that's been used  every day on a working ranch.  Harley is very  broke in the bridle and suitable for any level rider    to use on the ranch or down the trails.  He's good  with his feet and gets along with other horses.
 For info 316-670-6029 


Lot 24   Smoak N Sun Frost
           2013 AQHA Red Roan Gelding

  Smoak is a handy llittle dude stand-
  ing 14.3 hands, thick made and has
  lots of ride to him.  Smoak is a good
  gelding to use on the ranch and
  goes everywhere he's asked to go. 
  Crosses water, creeks, logs.  You 
  point him in the direction and he'll 
  take you there.  Will also make an 
  excellent heel, calf or breakaway 
  horse.  He's bred to become a super
  star.  316-670-6029



Lot 28  Freckles Tac
            2009 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
  Take a look at this big strong made
  gelding.  Tic Tac was a started barrel
  horse turned ranch horse.  He stands
  15.2 hands and weighs 1350 pounds.
  He's a big nice gelding with impecca-
  ble bloodlines and can go all day.  
  He's been to quite a few gatherings
  and ridden miles outside.

Lot 30     Doug Hall
                2015 Grade Paint Gelding

From bucking horse bloodlines but chose not to be a bucking horse.  Bugsy is an all around ranch horse.  He's drug 70 calves in 2 days and did not play out.  He's started on the heading side and gathered cattle out of Glacier National Park.  Gathered hundreds of bucking horses.  Very soft, quiet and responsive.  He's quiet yet has a motor when you need it and calms down just as fast. 

 Lot 31   Doctor Pine King
              2009 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

  "Woody" is a gelding that was born 
  and raised with our local vet and was
  his personal riding horse for years.  
  Woody is very smooth and fluid mov-
  ing and has the smoothest lope and
  trot you can ask for.  Woody has been
  ridden in the mountains, trails, gather-
  ing cattle and lots of parades.  He is
  a gentle gelding without a mean bone
  in his body.  Saddle up Woody and 
  go.  No need to warm him up or lunge
  him before you crawl aboard. 


Lot 33    Sheena Berry
              2012 Palomino Pony Gelding

Dandy is a great horse for an older kid.  Goes up the trail nice, crosses water, rides off good by himself.  Good for farrier.  Loads in trailer, ties well.  Easy to catch.   406-802-4170

Lot 34  Raedawn Robinson
             2009 APHA Tobiano Gelding

Amigo is one heck of a nice gelding that is plumb gentle and has been used on the ranch roping doctoring and sorting sick cattle.  He's a fun horse to ride and be around.  He's super gentle and loves people.  Amigo has been used at lots of horsemanship clinics by a clinician.  He has excellent ground manners and suitable for anyone.  316-670-6029

Lot 36  Raedawn Robinson
             2015 Grade Gelding
Ralph is a 6 year old grade gelding that will turn every head in the building when he steps on the scene.  He's gentle and super quiet.  Ralph has been trail ridden for miles and miles.  Easy going, super sweet and willing to do whatever task that is thrown in front of him.  Ralph will be a great addition to anyone's family that is wanting a beautiful gelding to enjoy and be around.  316-670-6029

Lot 38   Kelly Whitmoyer
             2009 Grade Black Mare

Zoe has been ridden for pleasure and trail.  Started roping dummy.  Stands tied. Stands for farrier.  No kick or bite. Wonderful ground manners.  Crosses water.  Easy to load.  Easy to catch.  She's a fast learner and eager to please.  Exposed to cows, chickens, dogs, cates, kids, elk and deer.  For more information call 274-5449. 

Lot 39  Raedawn Robinson
            2017 APHA Red Roan Gelding

Winston will probably be the prettiest young red roan gelding offered at the sale.  He's just 4 years old with his whole life ahead of him.  Winston stands 15.2 hands and has lots of shape.  He should go on and make a really nice pick up horse, ranch horse or head horse.  If you're wanting a super cute gelding to ride on the trails Winston can be your guy as well.  Winston is riding around very well collected in the bridle and outside with ease.  Don't miss out on this beautiful, beautiful gelding.  316-670-6029

Lot 40   Ruby Berry
             RGR LovinThisEffort
             2012 Appendix Bay Gelding

"Beamer" is a very solid gelding.  Has a great pattern on him, been used on a ranch to push cattle and was used on the Yellowstone set for Season 3.  Soft in the face, collects nice, good on the ground.  Crosses water, carries flags, rides off nice by himself.  Load and easy to shoe.  406-802-4170


Lot 41    Tanja Rudnitski
               TD Soul Array
              2017 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

For all of you looking for a big, well bred, good looking gelding...Here he is!  "Skip" is a really nice and flashy 4 year old AQHA Skipper W bred gelding, 15.2h, good bone, awesome disposition and confirmation.  He was just started this spring and has 80+ days of riding on him.  Rides in and out of the arena, crosses water and logs. Swing a rope off him, has not roped any cattle yet but raised around cows his whole life.  Was used a few times as a turn back  horse at a cuttiing horse farm. Ties, clips, shoes, hauls.  Has a great foundation on him and is now ready to go any direction.  He is royally bred and could go from the showpen to the arena. He is N/N by parentage. Skip has more potential than I can offer him which is the only reason he is being offered.  He's a nice one!  More information call 239-9027.




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