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Fall is upon us (however it feels like winter as I write this) and we are in the middle of our calf run.  It’s been nice seeing the good quality calves you raise come through and we look forward to more. 

We have one of our largest sales of good calves coming up on November 5th so let us know if you’d like to join in, or join us on our last feeder sale before Thanksgiving on November 19th.

We’ve seen the market move around quite a bit of late so feel free to give me a call to discuss where we are at and how we can best help you market your cattle. 

I look forward to seeing you shortly.




The Funnies?

The US Government owned a scrap yard in the middle of the desert.

This was the source of some concern to Congress because the feeling was that people could steal from it.  So they decided to create the role of night watchman and someone was hired. 

However, Congress was then concerned about how the night watchman could carry out his duties without instruction.  Their solution was to create a planning department and two people were hired. 

Congress then had concerns how they might measure whether the night watchman was doing his job effectively.  To address this problem they created a Quality Control Department and hired two more people. 

Then Congress questioned how everyone was to get paid so they hired a payroll officer.

However, that wasn’t the end of Congress’s concerns because the obvious question was,

“Who is to be accountable for all these people?”  So they created an Administration Department and hired three more people.

A year went by and following a review Congress was concerned this operation was $270,000 over budget so they considered what could be done to reduce overall costs.

The solution agreed by Congress was … to lay off the night watchman. 




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